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tv   wusa 9 News at 5pm  CBS  June 29, 2016 5:00pm-6:00pm EDT

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represents a staggering number in the case. >> because of the production of the pornography and because of the devices that were used, we're hoping to be able to prosecute these cases in ways that will not further harm the children in these cases. >> reporter: the cara way case has reported in finger- pointing, outrage and lawsuits. how did a school volunteer get access to kids alone? who was supervising caraway. and why did a victim's uncle, not school officials, figure out what was going on? >> who, if anyone, knew about it? are there additional individuals that should be held accountable? and we don't have answers at this point. but that is an investigation that is ongoing. >> angelaangela alsebrooks also wouldn't say who should be under criminal investigation for letting this happen or looking the other way. prosecutors hope to
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caraway to prison for the rest of his life. >> today's state child porn charges against caraway are not the only ones he faces. a state indictment will be prosecuted first. and caraway will stay in jail, with no bond. now to a developing story out of the district. kia henderson is stepping down on september 30th. mayor mur yell yell bowser shared the news in a statement. bowser said the school district is different from when henderson started in 2007. and this is the fastest- improving urban school district in the country. john davis will serve as the interim chancellor. he most recently served as the chief of schools for dcps. dan writes, a one in a million leader. it's a
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hashtag, thank you, kia. >> thank you. you were hard working, honest and so humble. you'll be missed. rose tweeted, it's an honor to work for someone who is leaving behind such a legacy of progress at d.c. public schools. thank you, kia. >> and daniel henderson wrote, she is a leader who deserves all the positive accolades that come her way. deadly terror attacks in turkey. consider ia director john brenon said yesterday the attack at the airport bears all of the hallmarks of the islamic state's depravity. surveillance video, showing travelers and workers, scrambling before the blast. another showed an attacker on the ground, after police shot him. seconds later, he blew himself up. >> he opened. there was a bomb here. yeah. he
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and it explodes. >> reporter: witnesses say the attackers had grenades, suicide theft and automatic weapons. just five hours after the assault, the airport reopened for business. passengers walking over shards of glass, as workers were there trying to wash away blood. well, the shooting and bombing in istanbul has homeland security reevaluating what it is doing to keep u.s. airports safe. but sources say there is no sign of a specific threat here. bruce is. you're actually seeing a beefed up security presence there. >> that's right, adam. and security officials tell me that they are adapting to the terrorist's new tactics with new security measures both seen and unseen. >> heavily-armed airport police patrolling the terminal at reagan-washington national. to deter terrorists and ease the fears of travelers. >> you feel a little safer. >> i'm nervouer
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killers were able to make it into the arrivals hall and into a parking lot. there is some screening outside each of those areas. and they failed to make it through the final checkpoint. >> there has been plenty of talk about pushing security perimeters out farther away from the airport. but the hard truth is, wherever you put a security checkpoint, traffic and people are likely to back up, presenting a potentially attractive target to terrorists. >> it can be perhaps seconds after somebody gets out of a car or attacks. in this case, walks into the public terminal. and starts the attack. it's very, very difficult to stop that in each and every incident. >> reporter: across the country, police are doing their best. in new york, four tactical weapons. in miami, more curb side patrols. in l.a., security had already been stepped up, ahead of the busy fourth of july weekend. and at dulles, they are
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promising a robust security structure. >> it's scary. you just kind of want to watch what is going on around you. and it's kind of a scary time to fly. >> reporter: at reagan national, james ball was unsure if it was all working. >> i had a buck knife that i forgot was inside my laptop case and it went through screening. and i was like, how the heck can something like this get through? >> makes you nervous. >> makes you nervous. absolutely. >> reporter: but many travelers also feel that on this 4th of july weekend, it is important for us to put our fears aside. we have to go on living, says james ball. otherwise, they win. live at reagan national airport, bruce leshan, wusa 9. >> yeah, very thought-provoking questions. a spokesperson says, at that airport, they're also paying attention and adapting its security measures. a montgomery county circuit judge has just convicted a local district
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commissioner for soliciting sex with a minor. a 15-year-old boy he thought he was meeting for sex was really a police detective. andrea mccarren was in the courtroom with these proceedings and joins us live from rockville. >> reporter: daniel reed showed no emotion when the judge convicted him. neither did his mother or sister, both of whom were sitting in the front row of the courtroom. >> reporter: dam reed was a 30- year-old district court commissioner, and recent law school graduate. who used the gay social network, grinder. he used the profile, kinky twinkie. in reality, that was a police officer, who told reed, he was just 15 years old. >> as a computer commineoner, h bonds for sex offenders. and he himself is a sex offender, now that he is offended -- convicted. >> text messages showed he clearly understood that 16 was the legal age of consent in maryland. >> if
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a third-degree sex offense, 10 years in jail, he texted. and later, i thought you wanted more than sex anyway, so i don't see the big deal to wait two months. >> as a gradual of law school -- graduate of law school, you would think love of the law would prevent him from doing something of this nature. >> they subpoenaed 70,000 texts from grinder and uncovered even more disturbing comments from reed. >> to possibly pursue young children as young as age, 12, 13, 14 years old. and keep them captive and have his way sexually with them. >> reporter: reed will be sentenced on august 15th. he faces up to 10 years in prison. it will be up to the judge whether she places him on the state's sex offender reg tree. reporting live from rockville, andrea mccarren, wusa 9. >> and this is the second montgomery county court commissioner to be charged with a sex-related crime.
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phone to shoot video of the woman at the county jail. adam, a man out of jail. he received a 12-month sentence after pleading guilt to involuntary manslaughter for the death of john deer. torres served more than 10 months before he was released. crews are still working on cleaning up last night's storm damage. the wind and rain. knocked down trees here on burnt ember court in silver spring. the car got crushed. power lines came down. pepco worked to repair a downed line at the location that knocked out electricity to about seven homes. first alert meteorologist topper shutt is with us now from the weather center. and even more storms hitting the area for us? >> couple tomorrow. and a lot on friday. we're kind of monitoring friday for yellow alert day. first things first. what a great, great night for baseball. 80 at 6:00. 78 at 8:00. and
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and clear skies and low humidity. probably one of the best nights in the summer. we're going to look ahead now. this is not in stone. want to get people alerted that 82 and muggy with scattered thunderstorms. pretty good bet on july 4th. again, it could stay south of us, go north of us. only sitting here on wednesday. but be advised, thunderstorms are possible. upper 60s, low 70s. 71 in sterling. and about 74 downtown. by 10:00. by morning, we're in great shape. 60s. we're talking low 60s. 66 downtown. but 51 in gaithersburg. 63 in bowie. and looking at 62 in fairfax. when we come back, we'll talk about the prospect of a few thunderstorms tomorrow and where. and we'll look ahead also to a better chance on friday. >> topper, see you then. a montgomery county man charged with animal cruelty, after get this, he allegedly left his family dog outside to die. >> and we just learned about ronald
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this happened on june 22nd. they say he left the wounded dog in a crate. an officer heard cries for help. and vets determined that the dogs could not be saved and had to be put down. vaughn said he was out of town and left a friend to care for the dog. the people of the region will be one of the featured culture on the polka festival. in addition to this, the diverse musical traditions of california will also be explored. the 50th anniversary of the smithsonian folk life festival. kick off today and runs through july 4th. second phase picks up through july 7th. and will run through the 10th. we are just getting started on wusa 9news at 5:00. we hear from an a.u. student who says the school mishandled her sex assault case. and how can we make metro better? what many of you are saying one day re
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hour town hall special. and right after the break. donald trump wants to bring back water boarding. what the candidates are saying about terror, after
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on the campaign trail, talk about terror in the deadly attack on istanbul. donald trump called americans weak for not doing more to stop terrorism. he says america needs to bring back water boarding. >> i like it a lot. i don't think it's tough enough. so we can't do water boarding, but they can do, chopping off heads, drowning people in cages, they can do whatever they want to do. >> i understand why people are frustrated and even fearful. but don't look for easy answers and misleading
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cannot deliver what you're hoping for. >> campaign stop in los angeles. hillary clinton said trump supporters should not be fooled by his message. and clinton and trump are in a virtual tie in the latest quinipiac national poll. service plan for 4th of july. they will operate until midnight. if you're going to the national mall, the smithsonian will be open. but metro is recommending you use other stations since smithsonian gets pretty crowded. in just over 24 hours, i'll be hosting our live mission metro town hall. transportation reporter, pete monteen is here to talk about our focus. and who is going to be here. >> right here in our studio. 7:00 tomorrow. bringing together metro. all with the aim of making metro better. >>
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place metro is back to normal now. monday, there was a fire on the tracks. still top of mind for robert washington, who passes through here on the way to work. >> i think about it. but i can't let it stop. you gotta kind of keep letting it move forward. >> metro safety will be the first topic in thursday's town hall. metro's boss, paul weed wedefeld will take questions from our audience. >> i think that's a wonderful thing. because i think our voices need to be heard. >> we've teamed up with metro to bring together riders from across the area. >> it's critically important. >> solutions are the goal. says anchor andtown hall host, -- and town hall most, adam longo. >> they are the ones with the power to be able to make it move forward successfully. and that's what we're hoping for. >> conversation is always helpful. and as long as people
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i'm thinking it will be fine. i'm hoping it will be fine. >> reporter: you can get in on the conversation as well. from your couch. we have our own hashtag. it is wusa 9 on metro. and adam, you and i will be taking some of those questions. straight from metro itself. >> making sure metro is and will be the world class it should be. >> i'll be hosting the hour- long town hall. key leaders. business leaders. politicians from across the region. part of our commitment to make metro safe and reliable for all of us. again, tomorrow night. be here with us at 7:00. new help is under way for those victims in west virginia. a north carolina resident who used to live in the mountain states is leading one campaign. jennifer rose knows what her former neighbors would be doing for her if the tables were turned. th estimated 23 people died in
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and the wheaton volunteer rescue squad is answering a call to help the people of west virginia. a montgomery county fire rescue tweeted out these pictures here. and donated extra ambulance to their colleagues in clay county. and this will replace the emergency vehicle that was destroyed in all of that flooding. the wheaton ambulance is still in good working condition. and it's being driven to west virginia today. we're thinking about, hey, emergency situation here from 2012. those look like a boom and lights out. >> i mean, it was really kind of unbelievable. it's been four years already. but the devastation was incredible. it was like sort of a mini hurricane, across the entire metro area. four years ago today. between 9:30 and 11:30, duretcho went through. -- derecho went through. a million folks without power. and it was 104 on that date. as the record high for the month of june. and the trouble is,
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durecho went through, it didn't get cool, no, no no. it stayed hot. upper 90s, low 100s. it was something we'll never forget. in fact, we were on the air saying, sleep on the ground floor of your house, because things have happened on the second floor. all right. let's talk about our 3-degree guarantee. thought we were in pretty good shape today, although the temperatures were not exactly soaring. we went 85. we'll add them up for you tonight at 11:00. live look outside. look how clear it is. we have low humidity. low pollution. pretty good deal. 81. and for the dew points yesterday in the 70s now. they're 56. that's fantastic. humidity, 42 percent. winds gusting 13 to 24. so perfect night for the nats. warm and still will be tomorrow. there will be a few thunderstorms. body could be a pole
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alert day. and very warm with thunderstorms for the fourth. not in stone just yet. but be advised, thunderstorms are possible. i say this all the time. if you were to ask me on july 1st, what the storms were. >> upper 60s, mid-70s downtown. 69 in silver spring. and by morning, look at this. kind of refreshing really. low to mid-50s in the bushes. even 64 in fredericksburg. even 50s. that's cumberland and romney. by 9:00, we're back in the low to mid-70s. 74 -- 73 now in bowie and silver spring. by 1:00, some clouds. primarily to the west of us. along i-81. and then by 6:00. showers. loray, harrison burg. may get up to winchester. but in the immediate metro area, i think we stay dry. another pretty good night for baseball. and by 11:00, we're back in the mow lowto mid-70s. anything that forms will eventually be
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shenandoah area. tonight, clear to partly cloudy. comfort. able. low 60s. talking upper 60s downtown. winds out of the northwest. 66 to start. 68 by 7:00. very comfortable. 74 by 9:00. only 81 with low humidity by 1:00 p.m. okay. seven days. saturday, we'll keep it dry. sunday, a thunderstorm possible. monday, we've got all kinds of things going on. and the fireworks on the mall. 11:00 a.m. game for the nats. hope to see you in potomac. 5k, it's our 16th year. get there about 7:30 in the morning. and you can register online right now. thunderstorms for tuesday. and pleasant with highs back in the upper 80s. >> thanks, topper. straight ahead, miss teen usa. dropping a key element of this competition as they try to
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>> wal-mart challenges amazon with free shipping. two scoops and snap, crackle pop. a cereal restaurant opens up in times square.
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one person, seriously injured. when a tree fell on a passenger bus. it happened in anne arundel county. the accident scene was in orar- - in arnold, maryland. crews worked 55 minutes to free the 57-year-old driver of the bus. he was air-lifted to the hospital with serious injuries. top consumer news now. the nation's largest retailer takes a swing. wal-mart rolled out its own deliver service in anticipation of amazon prime day. its shipping pass prescription service offers unlimited two- day shipping on all the items. shoppers get a 30-day trial. and after that, they pay about $49 a year. wal-mart is letting current subscription holders subscribe to it. toyota is recalling 3.2 million hybrid vehicles. one is the cracking inflaters in the air ba
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problems takata air bags have been having and recalled for. the second is a fuel emission problem. this call-back impacts 2010 through 2013 prius plug-ins. and the lexus. a new kind of restaurant opens up in times square. the kellogg's cafe hits 10 items on the menu, all made from cereal. dishes like life in color. composed of froot loops, marshmallows and jam. will all extra. wearing athleisure wear. instead of the bikini. they're shifting the focus away from what a lot have said is completation. -- exploitation. said,ip am so happy miss teen usa is switching swim
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atetic competition. >> want to be real modern? don't be a beauty pageant. tweet us any time. tell us what you think at wusa 9. a nonsurgical procedure to treat breast cancer is now available in our area for the first time. >> and a stolen car chase and chain-reaction crash. chaotic scene on i-66, ending with three people facing charges. and right after the break. american university, accused of mishandling a sex assault investigation.
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american university is under federal investigation for allegedly mishandling a student's report on sex assault. >> this is the second time this just two years years that a.u. has been scrutinized for possibly violating the discrimination act. tealia gon -- delia goncalves has that story. >> reporter: that woman very grave. that wam is -- woman is faith berber. she also happens to be the cofounder of the group, students against sexual violence. we don't normally identify victims of sexual assault. but faith berber has been a fierce and outspoken advocate. she's stepping out on faith, hoping her courage will
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and do the same. >> i didn't think that it would happen by someone i knew. >> she thought they were friends. but she said a member of fi sigma kappa sexual assaulted her. so she filed a report am. >> later in the hearing said, well, no one actually gets consent. that's why i didn't do it. >> and i still have to see him on camp us. >> a university spokesperson said they have policies for this and programs if are victims. it also reads in part, a.u. ascribes for timely investigation. but berber believes they violated the act by taking seven months months to resolve her case, instead. required 60 days. >> i did not expect to have to spend my entire fall semester dealing with this. >> students hope this will lead to better educatio
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empowerment. >> getting power to women. so they can walk around campus and not feel stressed. >> consent needs to be something that everyone needs to be caught -- taught. >> even if they're saying, we care about survivors and we don't tolerate sexual assault, they are tolerating sexual assault by letting perpetrators stay on campus. >> reporter: kiwi -- we can tell you, the fraternity she mentioned, we reached out to them. and we're still waiting to hear back. delia goncalves, wusa 9. >> the university goes on to say that sexual assault is a devastating experience that we work to prevent and respond to in our community. a chaotic scene here in fairfax county this morning. started with virginia state police, pulling over a driver and passenger in a car that was listed as stolen. happened on i-66 near exit 52. the suspect pool over and took
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a v-dot vehicle pulled over. and another car slammed into that. caused a chain-reaction crash and damaged three patrol cars. sent one hurdling in the middle of the highway. the man who charged the crash is -- caused the crash is charged with reckless driving. one is charged with possession of stolen property. the other is charged with marijuana possession. emergency european union meeting in brussels. adds to the exit. britain is on the outside looking in. british prime minister david cameron, alone and isolated, the u.k. is under the stress of an internal breakup, too. scotland, one of its leaders delivered an impassioned speech today, explaining why it should stay with the alliance. new details in the crash of the freight train in the texas
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load of diesel fuel. that helps to ignite the fireball that burned into the night. and we are still working to find out why those two trains were on the same tracks. >> transgender candidates. one primary contest in two states last night. one of them, missy cage snow will be the democratic candidate for a senate seat in utah. she'll be the first transgender candidate from a major party to run for a senate seat. snow, although, will be a huge underdog in the election against her republican opponent. the other is looking for a house seat in colorado. uber is using new technology to look over the soldier of its drivers. they will be using to track things. and whether uber drivers are holding their phones while they drive. drivers from several cities are required to participate in the program. it's designed to show that the san francisco-based company is making safety a top priority. trouble
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and mark zucker burg is right in the middle of it. >> the facebook founder is building a 700-foot wall around his property in kauai. but some neighbors say his wall blocks their view of the motion -- ocean. but since all beaches in kauai are open to the public, he will not be able to extend his wall to the beach. northern virginia bureau chief, peggy fox is here with exciting news from nova alexandria hospital. and she brings this exclusive story. >> reporter: it's called cryooblation. and like the name suggests, it basically freezes the tumor. dr. david winetribe has performed the first procedure. not in the hospital but in his office. it was fast and practically pain-free. >>
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survivor. at 75 years old, she's beaten back 11 cancers, mostly with surgery. then a month ago, a mammogram found a malignant tumor in her breast. and i said, doctor, i don't know whether i can do surgery. i mean, i've really been through a lot lately. >> reporter: fortunately for barb, dr. david winetrit had something else to offer. winetritd a surgical oncologies is the only in this area trained in the cryooblation procedure to treat early-stage breast tumors. it freezes the tumor by injecting a probe and injecting liquid nitrogen. a study shows it is a promising teacher. >> if their cancer is 1 centimeter or smaller, they had about a 94% success rate in destroying the cancer with this type of technology. >> reporter: barb tyler is the first patient in the region to have
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treatment. >> it essentially looks like a big dark ice ball circle. >> when she became back for a followup. >> gone. >> he learned about the procedure to provide options to his patients. >> our job is to take care of our patients. and part of that is the advancement of science. >> i have no pain. it's just wonderful. i won't have a lump there. it will be completely like it was when it heals. >> reporter: in barb's first follow-up. , it look like the tumor was gone. but it will take more follow- ups and mris to find out if that tumor is gone for good. for more patients to be treated, it will take more doctors to be trained. live in alexand ria, peggy fox. wusa 9. >> hope he gets better soon. the technology uses a probe that is able to channel id
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nitrogen to flow with it in a precise area of the needle. that way, it creates a free zone and does not expose the patient directly to liquid nitrogen. trending now, a biker survives an incredible crash. the whole thing caught right here on camera. people are paying big bucks for a rather disfigured m po-- mr. potato head. we'll tell you why. and there's got to be a good reason why this guy jumped into a swimming pool, filled with coca cola, right? >> no. no. >> i hope so. all right. we'll take a look at the pollen reading. we got a break on everything. trees, weeds, grass all low. you can find more on our website, wusa and go to our weather map and scroll up. when
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going to take you two wheels wheels to tumble through tonight's segment. and a motorcyclist goes tumbling. before you see the crash. gotta let you know, the guy on the bike is okay. foam padding, falls off of a boat trailer. >> oh. watch out. oh. >> and right into it. >> oh.
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>> motorcyclist. the bike goes spinning. he goes rolling. this happened in woodbury, minnesota. the woman who shot the video said she and the other driver stopped to help the biker. unbelievably, he only suffered minor injuries. >> luckily, that's not his first fall. >> very dramatic. just natural momentum. just rolling, rolling. also getting a lot of clicks on facebook today. for some reason. a wonky mr. potato head. >> hasbro created this disfigured version. to teach kids it is okay to eat produce that is a little disfigured. and the top bid for this on ebay, $300. >> if i could just teach my little kids that a little black spot in the banana is okay. >> you can eat around it. >> they're on to something here. if you mix diet coke with mentos, you're crazy. or you get a
5:42 pm
>> a ton of videos on youtube. we just entertain high schoolers who were on summer break for sometime. >> this is to the epic level, though. the guys who recorded this stunt. they just wasted a ton of money on coke. dumped it in a pool. then dumped mentos in it. seriously, we have to have better things to do for the summer. >> so you jump in it. and then you drink it. >> although -- 20 million views on youtube. so hashtag winning, boys. >> do not get any ideas. i know how you are on friday. >> 20 million views. >> don't even get any ideas. >> and a buck will get you a cup of coffee. facebook wants to help you. the social network is putting together a list of things to do. the event will include categories like family, education, community, entertainment. washington is one of 10 cities that will be part of this new feature. all
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for rookie have in common. the most popular show of all- time. we will connect the dots. coming up. and right after the break. hundreds of teens, making a difference in virginia this summer. coming up, how these volunteers are fixing homes for people who
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nearly 1,000 teens across our area, are spending part of their summer, volunteering and helping others who really need it. >> anchor jan jeffcoat, showing us what they doing to give back. >> these teens are doing everything from building a wheelchair ramp from an iraqi war vettary know to those fortunate. what they'll tell you, most of these teens expected to change the lives of others but reallied it changed their life as well.
5:47 pm
arlington teens who say this is what serving looked like. on this day, they're building a wheelchair ramp at tony jason's home. it means a whole lot. means a whole bunch. because i couldn't do it if i had to do it myself. >> tony needed a wheelchair ramp installed some years back. for his wife, who struggled to go up and down the stairs. but he just couldn't afford it. so these teens are not only installing one but paying for the project, too. each teen paid $450 for the ramp. >> i should get in the car. i'll be able to drive wherever we have to any. >> everyone wants to work together. to make someone a little less fortunate than ourselves, to give back to them. >> it is part of work camps, a youth ministry with the archdiocese. they will prepare for volunteer projects and help folks like
5:48 pm
>> personally, i believe one of the pillars that christianity is founded on is giving back to those less fortunate. and i think this is just the pinnacle of that. >> and tony's ranch should be finished tomorrow. there are more than 100 100 projects like this one, going on right now through the diocese there at arlington. it's always great. hearing positive stories about teens who are doing good. >> need to do more of it. thank you, jan. and according to the labor at any point. the overall volunteer rate in 2015 was higher among teenagers than adults. a wildfire burning out of sacramento has now torched more than 35080 -- 350 acres. crews attacked by air. dropping retardant on the flames. fire is in an area that is hard to access from the ground. nearly 2500 structures are in danger of being burned. a local high school set up an evacuation center for people who have set up their home so far. the fire is only 5% contained. it may not be e
5:49 pm
a celestial fireworks show. this is a look from the hubble space telescope. and this photo, released by nasa, shows a firestorm of newborn stars, lazing out in a galaxy, 82 billion light-years away. they plan to extend couple's missions through 2021. kind of hard to top that one. >> dollar for dollar, that is quite the good investment. okay of the live look outside. courtesy of of the michael and sons weather cam. spectacular out. temperatures in the low 80s. northwest breeze. and more importantly, dew humidity is down to 42%. dew point is back in the 50s. we can jump for joy here in the metro area. perfect night for the nats. 80s to start and falling into the 70s. warm and still comfortable tomorrow. a wee bit more humid. nothing too crazy. friday will possibly be another yellow alert day, primarily in the afternoon
5:50 pm
for showers and thunderstorms am and very warm for thunderstorms on the fourth. not written in stone yet. but that's the way it's looking the past couple of days. beaches look great. saturday and sunday. a lost showers on monday, the 4th. 79. water temperatures now in the upper 60s. to the north we go. bethany and rehoboth. we're okay saturday and sunday. could be showers sunday. right now, we'll keep showers monday. temperatures in the upper 70s, near 80. upper 60s, low 70s. maybe mid-70s downtown. and by morning. this is going to be kind of refreshing. you can completely open the windows. low 60s in the burbs. upper 50s to 60s. mid-60s downtown. by midmorning. 72 in manassas. 73 also in bowie. and by lunchtime. great day to take lunch outside. low 80s. humidity still in check. we'll see showers and thunderstorms develop primarily along the i-81 corridor. and by 10:00,
5:51 pm
night. we're back in the low to mid- 70s, with generally clear to partly cloudy skies. so thursday is okay. we have an isolated storm in. don't plan around it, though. 60s to start on the day planner. then 79 pie 11:00. 81. by 1:00 p.m. okay. next seven days. we'll keep saturday dry. sunday pleasant. isolated storm possible. 86. a lot of showers and storms monday. nats, 11:00 start. hope to see you early. for the 5k. starts at 8:00. gets there at 7:30, though. and upper 80s, dry on wednesday. now, wusa 9, game on sports, with frank hanrahan, brought to you by x inity. -- xfinity. we saw why there was a buzz about the big right-hander. got his debut shortened, though, by rain last night. looked like he belonged in the big show.
5:52 pm
night. allowed no runs gave up one hit. struck a run. showed poise. and we know that poise counts. >> it's a dream come through. that's the best way to put this. i have been creaming my entire life. and i got to come out and do it today. felt amazing. i wanted to get out there and get the game under way. but i had to wait a little bit. we were able to -- once the game started, i was able to kind of figure it out. keep the ball in the zone and go four strong. >> now he's in the big show, there's a show about nothing. how about this, seinfeld fans? lucas gialito, on the show, father of susan. memorable scene, the episode where kramer accidentally burns down
5:53 pm
>> his last words to me were "cherish the cabin." [ laughter ] [ applause ] >> not, take care of your sister. >> small world. cherish -- >> yeah. >> all of those characters from seinfeld. >> very memorable. >> did you get my poise counts? >> poise counts. >> all right. we're going to move on. coming up at 6:00. travelers in turkey. reminders of the deadly terror attack at the airport in istanbul. also, the raging online. debate over the proposed name, if the district of columbia becomes a state. but up next, the battle against cancer is about to get a major boost.
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we are following a break news story right now out of oklahoma city, oklahoma. as the camera goes out wider, you'll see a roller coaster that is stuck. about 90 to 100 feet in the air. you see it there. fortunately, those riders not stuck upside down. this is taking place at the frontier city amusement park there in the city. the ride is called the silver bullet. you can see, it's not -- firefighters there at the top. can count maybe 6 or 7. crews figuring out now how to get those folks down. in the meantime, looks like they're just kind of playing and having fun and waiting for the fire department to get to them and t
5:57 pm
>> vice president joe biden hosted the first-ever cancer moon shut. >> the goal to get researchers, doctors, patients working together to speed up cancer research and treatment. mark albert reports. >> reporter: hundreds of leading cancer experts joined vice president joe biden and actress carol burnett. >> we owe it to future generations to seize this moment. >> reporter: both biden and burnett lost children to cancer. >> today is remarkable for many reasons. none, the least of which is hope. >> reporter: the vice president called for doubling the progress against cancer in the next five years. >> time matters. days matter. minutes matter. >> biden outlined several initiatives, including expanding patient participation in clinal trials and improved
5:58 pm
he also offered to cut funding. for those that don't come on time. >> reporter: more than 6,000 others are taking part in cancer moon shot summits tuesday in all 50 states. >> dr. david nanas took part in one. he hopes to lead to better access to treatment for everyone. >> some patients really do get great care and access to drug care, but often they don't. >> i believe the more information, the more cures we'll see in everybody's lifetime. >> reporter: she says cancer research is has some so far. but still has a long way to g. mark albert, washington. >> vice president biden was in charge of the cancer initiative. and there are 14 million new cases of
5:59 pm
president obama offers support for turkey after the deadly terror attack in istanbul. kia henderson stepping down and getting high marks for a tough job. and social media explodes. the possible name of the district columbia to become the 51st state. thanks for joining us. i'm jan jeffcoat. >> the airport in turkey has reopened after suicide bombers killed. they're convinced it's the work of isis. jonathan vigliotti has more from istanbul. >> reporter: work crews rushed through charred glass. as passengers walked past reminders of tuesday's deadly terror attack. this dutchin
6:00 pm
to the airport after witnessing yesterday's trimle -- triple suicide bombing. >> blew himself up. >> turkey's government is blaming the attack on isis. although the islamic state group has not claimed responsibility. president obama who is meeting with north american leaders in canada has spoken. >> we have offered all available assistance. and we stand prepared to assist them during this difficult time. >> turkish officials say one of the suicide bombers blew himself up just inside the airport. second attacker taking advantage of the chaos, managed to get to the second floor. the third waited outside and detonated as people fled. >> security experts say the attackers were targeting the airport's large crowds. >> these individuals likely were not only well armed. but certainly had coordinated before the attack. and likely had planned this out for a number of weeks, if not months. >> reporter: airports around the world increase security in response to the attack.


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